Paul Amelchenko

Brotherhood of Muscle



In 2016, Dodge unveiled four individual “buzz models”—special edition versions of its Challenger, Charger, Durango and Journey.

For the launch, we created the “Brotherhood of Muscle” campaign, a unifying theme that soon took on a life of its own and became Dodge’s rallying cry for TV, print, auto shows and more.

In addition to crafting the original tagline, we developed content videos, the digital experience and an event livestream that brought the campaign to the world’s most rabid muscle car fans.

"Brotherhood of Muscle" | Campaign + Livestream Experience

“Made of Muscle” | Dodge Challenger T/A | Brotherhood of Muscle Campaign

“Forged of Thunder” | Dodge Charger Daytona | Brotherhood of Muscle Campaign

“Created to Conquer” | Dodge Durango Brass Monkey | Brotherhood of Muscle Campaign

“Born of Adventure” | Dodge Journey GT | Brotherhood of Muscle Campaign | Challenger Daytona | "Girl Power" Story | Charger TA | "Like Father, Like Daughter" Story | Durango Brass Monkey | "One Fast Family" Story