Paul Amelchenko

Italian Masterpiece




live promo, social media, digital

Americans think all FIATs are small. And some don’t even know that the brand is Italian. So to demonstrate the roominess and Italian styling of the new 4-door FIAT 500L, we recreated the Sistine Chapel ceiling inside.

We commissioned a classically-trained Italian artist to create the piece in the style of the great Michelangelo. We staged the event live at the L.A. Auto Show in front of 1,000,000 visitors, and gave him just 6 days to complete the project.

We captured the action with Google Glass and GoPro cameras, displayed the footage live at the show and posted daily time-lapse videos on FIAT USA’s social channels.

In just 6 days, with no paid media buy, the event generated nearly 45 million earned media impressions. At the L.A. Auto Show, FIAT dominated the conversation, and the stunt was featured in media outlets and publications around the world.

The project earned a Cannes Lion.

FIAT “Italian Masterpiece” Case Film (2 min)

L.A. Auto Show “Movie Trailer”

FIAT “Italian Masterpiece” Mini-Documentary (5 min)

FIAT “Italian Masterpiece” featured in Creativity Magazine