Paul Amelchenko

The X Lab



Somewhere, high in the Italian Alps lies a secret of power and beauty.

But before we get there, we have to begin here, with this challenge from FIAT…
How do you keep people engaged as you teach them about features of the all-new 500X and funnel them into a vehicle shopping experience?

Well, you start with a brilliant story. And you share that story in a fun, sexy way like only FIAT can.

We created the FIAT X-Lab as our setting, the fictional birthplace of the 500X. In this mythical location, the creators of the crossover showcased key features—demonstrating not only primary benefits, but also lesser-known, more entertaining ones.

The retro-mod style was part James Bond, part Fellini and all FIAT.

Through a series of comedic videos and an interactive shopping experience on both mobile and desktop, the 500X took center stage while buyers discovered the model that was right for them.

The experience drew thousands of visitors, but even more impressive, was their engagement with the content. Video completion rates averaged greater than 70%. Nearly half of all visitors entered the Concierge experience. And once engaged, they stayed engaged, with the majority completing the entire configuration process.

In short, the FIAT X-Lab was a story of epic proportions with results to match.

FIAT X Lab “Dream Crossover”

FIAT X Lab “Tigershark”

FIAT X Lab “Downhill Rockstar”

FIAT X Lab “The Angelo”

FIAT X Lab “In Laws”